Is Your Piano Out of Tune?

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A Crash Course in Knowing When to Call a Certified Piano Tuner For the piano owner who wants to maintain and get the most enjoyment out of their piano – but doesn’t want to spend money on unnecessary repairs – the question, “Is my piano out of tune?” is an important one. As a proud owner of the instrument, you want your piano to sound its best. A properly tuned piano invites one to play and brings out the best … Read More

Vertical Piano Regulation

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Symptoms: The adjustments of your piano action related to touch have not been attended to recently and are causing the piano sluggish, not articulate or less than responsive. Solution: A job of Regulation is needed to restore the action back to its original state. Explanation: To many pianists, a piano’s touch is as important as its tone. Touch refers to the efficiency and responsiveness of the mechanical action of the piano – and what is responsible for giving it its … Read More