Vertical Piano Regulation

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The adjustments of your piano action related to touch have not been attended to recently and are causing the piano sluggish, not articulate or less than responsive.


A job of Regulation is needed to restore the action back to its original state.


To many pianists, a piano’s touch is as important as its tone. Touch refers to the efficiency and responsiveness of the mechanical action of the piano – and what is responsible for giving it its full range of power. From the silkiest of pianissimos to crashing double-forte.

When a piano begins to lose it’s mechanical efficiency, it is said to have gone out of “Regulation”. Adjustments which were set at the factory are no longer accurate – because of the compression of the felt parts which serve as cushions to all the contact points.

Exact measurements and corresponding adjustments are needed at this point to put your piano back in proper Regulation.

The Repair:

A minimum Regulation job includes:

  • Setting the hammer blow
  • Taking up the lost motion
  • Adjusting the hammer let-off
  • Setting the key dip
  • Checking the amount of after-touch

The action may need to be taken to the shop beforehand for related repair work – but the actual job of Regulation is done at the piano.

A Regulation repair will bring new life into your piano – making it livelier and more responsive…and FUN to play!

If you would like to have your vertical piano Regulated, Contact Us to set up an appointment for consultation. I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We will work with you to make sure your piano is properly maintained and operating for maximum enjoyment.